Shares "A Memory Stained" From Forthcoming Album Goodbye

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Jeff Fribourg’s name might be familiar to some of our readers due to his membership in the psych-shoegaze outfit Froth. While that group is still an ongoing concern, Fribourg has let his love of synthesizers dominate his world of late and to help find an outlet for his obsession, he started making music under the name (pronounced “numb-er,” as in, “Slept on my arm wrong and now it’s number than the rest of my body”).

The first album by this project Goodbye (out on May 25th via felte) finds him dipping and diving into the wide landscape of post-punk sounds, mixing influences together into a hearty and buzzing brew with an unexpected snap to it.

To prepare us for this full-length, is sharing with Paste the track “A Memory Stained,” which generates sense memories of the slate grey aesthetic created by Wire on 154 and some of Gary Numan’s early singles. Here’s what Fribourg had to say about this tune:

There was a time in my life when things were very chaotic in a dark, but fun way and now I can’t remember why or how I got to that place. I struggle to remember exactly who or what I’m talking to in this song, but nonetheless the place in time that it came from left a stain in me which continues to remind me of those nights, and how they are a part of me now.