Liam Gallagher Says He and Noel Have Made Up

"We're all good again," Liam says in a tweet

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Liam Gallagher Says He and Noel Have Made Up

The last time Liam Gallagher expressed that he missed being in a band with Noel, Noel responded with “I don’t fucking buy it, and I don’t care. [Liam’s] said too much. So I hope he’s having the shittiest time of his fucking life.” This go-round, we’re hoping relations have improved and we can all revisit the “Champagne Supernova”-era Oasis as two peaceful potatoes, perhaps not as a band, but as brothers. You can read the full thread of tweets below that essentially sparked rumors of an affirmative make-up.

When we interviewed Noel Gallagher in November, post-Holy Mountain, he said, “my flame burns a little bit brighter now—I’m at a creative peak. And my band that I started out with six or seven years ago is not the same band that I’m in now. I’ve got different people, and I’ve got girls in the band.” This ended up being a different place than in-recovery brother Liam, creator of solo album As You Were, whom we interviewed in October:

“I’m all about the voice, man. When I look in the mirror, I see a rock and roll singer, not a songwriter.” Indeed, when Oasis were at their peak in the 1990s, the chemistry between Liam and Noel was essential, but Noel was considered the brains of the operation, the composer.

Liam also said in that interview, “I mean, I fucking love [Noel] dearly, and I wish we were in a band together again. I wish we were brothers again.”

Together, the Gallagher machine would be as unstoppable as the combined forces of moderately decent solo albums. You can read our review of Liam’s As You Were right here. In short, it’s “what would have been the Oasis comeback album,” had the siblings reconciled their differences. Noel Gallagher’s latest with the High Flying Birds, Who Built the Moon?, on the other hand, throws “cinematic instruments” into the mix of “encore-ready, acoustic bruisers” (think “creative peak”).

Here’s to power balances and teamwork in 2018.