Listen to Oasis Perform Songs From Definitely Maybe, Released 25 Years Ago Today

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Listen to Oasis Perform Songs From <i>Definitely Maybe</i>, Released 25 Years Ago Today

Oasis released their debut album and Britpop classic, Definitely Maybe, 25 years ago today (Aug. 29). The album featured some of their best songs, like the uplifting anthem “Live Forever,” the ballsy “Supersonic” and the undeniable fan favorite “Slide Away.” Though the two Gallagher brothers have been notoriously and publicly feuding for decades (leading to their breakup in 2009), Oasis remain one of the most beloved rock bands on the planet.

Just a few days after they released the album, they embarked on their Definitely Maybe world tour, beginning with a short set at Gleneagles in Glasgow, Scotland and ending with a date at Sheffield Arena a year later. Their Gleneagles show featured six tracks from the album: “Shakermaker,” “Bring It On Down,” “Digsy’s Dinner,” “Live Forever,” “Cigarettes And Alcohol” and “Supersonic.” It also featured their short-lived original lineup of Liam Gallagher (vocals, tambourine), Noel Gallagher (guitar, vocals), Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs (guitar), Paul “Guigsy” McGuigan (bass) and Tony McCarroll (drums).

Liam’s voice in 1994 was as good as it ever sounded—this recording is why so many have praised him as one of the greatest rock singers ever. His voice had punk swagger, but also a deeper sensitivity, and his Mancunian vocal inflection resulted in snarling pronunciations that were downright cool.

Listen to Oasis’ full show in Glasgow from 1994.