Happy Election Day! Watch Parliament-Funkadelic Play "One Nation Under A Groove" On This Day in 1978

With liberty and funk for all.

Music Features Parliament-Funkadelic
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Happy Election Day! Watch Parliament-Funkadelic Play "One Nation Under A Groove" On This Day in 1978

It’s Election Day, which means, thanks to our democracy, we’re granted “a chance to dance our way out of our constrictions” in the form of votes. Maybe elections aren’t exactly what George Clinton and Funkadelic were referring to on their hit 1978 song “One Nation Under a Groove,” but, today, Nov. 6, it feels like a timely metaphor for uniting the country. And it just so happens that Parliament-Funkadelic, the always-shifting funk collective helmed by George Clinton, performed the groovy anthem on this day in 1978, and you can watch it down below via the Paste archives. What better way to cure Election Day jitters (or blues) than with some sweaty, slick funk?

In May of this year, George Clinton and Parliament released an album out of nowhere, their first in 28 years (though Clinton has since released many records autonomously). It’s a digital-only release called Medicaid Fraud Dogg, a follow-up to 1980’s Trombipulation, and it’s an examination of the flaws in American healthcare, according to the album announcement. But way before he was dishing out critique on healthcare institutions, George Clinton, one of funk’s most eclectic founding fathers, was serving up some of the most irresistible grooves of the 21st century. Just two years before Trombipulation hit shelves, Parliament were touring behind 1978’s Motor-Booty Affair with Funkadelic and George Clinton as Parliament-Funkadelic. However, it was Parliament’s 1975 LP, Mothership Connection, that produced some of the group’s biggest hits like “Give Up The Funk,” “Mothership Connection” and “Night Of The Thumpasorus Peoples,” all of which they performed at New Jersey’s Capitol Theatre on this day in 1978.

At this show, Parliament-Funkadelic also played galactic classics like “Uncle Jam,” “Cosmic Slop” and “Red Hot Mama.” In the concert recordings, Clinton appears as wild as ever, decked out in a blonde wig and cheetah print jacket. Parliament-Funkadelic was a rotating confederation that often underwent name changes and cast-member switch-outs, but on this particular evening, Clinton was also joined by Cordell “Boogie” Mosson Jr. on bass, Garry Shider on guitar and many others.

Again, you can watch Parliament-Funkadelic get down and funky to “One Nation Under A Groove”—all 25 minutes of it—below. Further down, listen to the rest of the 1978 concert via the Paste vault.