Parlor Walls Share Dark and Chaotic New Single "Neuromancer"

The experimental New York band's new EP EXO is out May 4.

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Parlor Walls Share Dark and Chaotic New Single "Neuromancer"

New York’s no wave-influenced Parlor Walls dig deep into the dark, hidden crevices between rock and jazz, unearthing a distinct and sinister sound. Singer/guitarist Alyse Lamb and drummer/keyboardist Chris Mulligan, along with new member and multi-instrumentalist Jason Shelton, expertly toy with improvisation and structure on their new EP, EXO, the follow-up to last year’s full-length Opposites.

The EP’s latest single, “Neuromancer,” is rife with maddening, swirling noise. “I can penetrate the walls from the outside,” Lamb urges across a grim background of chaos. But there are pretty moments, too— whether she’s whispering or screaming, Lamb’s voice is emotive and effective. A former ballerina, Lamb’s sonic flexibility is one of Parlor Walls’ most thrilling qualities. “I’m always moved by unrest or agitation,” Lamb says of EXO. “That’s what moves me. We need to shake things up.”

Hear “Neuromancer” below, and preorder Parlor Walls’ EXO EP right here.