Pete Yorn Announces March Release Date For His Upcoming Album, Shares Music Video For Single "Lost Weekend"

Music Video Pete Yorn
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Last fall Pete Yorn announced that he would be returning to the indie rock scene with his first studio album in six years. Today, he added that the record, called ArrangingTime, would be released on March 11.

“I’ll look at pictures of places I went, or things I did,” said Yorn in a statement, “and I think, ‘Look at how great that day was and you just missed it.’ I think about the past and how much of it is a blur. The title of the album is a reminder to be present and within each song is a minor lesson about that. Time only gets faster as you get older.”

Yorn’s 41 now, and definitely has entered that stage of life when people become brutally aware of time’s passage. The music video he released today for “Lost Weekend,” the album’s first single, makes pretty direct reference to that bleakness, but it’s also got a paradoxically serene tone. Check it out above.

You can also watch Yorn’s 2013 performance at our office.