Photos: Phoenix Projects a Technicolor Disco in Chicago

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Photos: Phoenix Projects a Technicolor Disco in Chicago

Two days after playing Governors Ball in New York City, French indie pop quintet Phoenix traveled 700 miles northwest to Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom after hitting Field Trip in Toronto. The group’s tour matches the neon sunshine aesthetic of new album Ti Amo, which releases this Friday. Buoyed by new cuts “J-Boy,” “Goodbye Soleil,” and title track “Ti Amo,” the latest LP is cross-bred disco and synth-washed glee distilled into 10 songs. The live show reflects that Euro elation with a towering 45-degree angle mirror (of course there’s a mirror) that reflects a light show projected from the ground, where blossoms of yellow, red and blue try their damndest to transport everyone to 1978. Photographer Sarah Hess documented the show in the gallery above, including lead singer Thomas Mars venturing into the crowd for the encore. Phoenix is playing all over the damn place through September.

Song Highlights:
“Ti Amo”
“Love Like a Sunset Part II”