A Day in the Life: Portugal. The Man

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A Day in the Life: Portugal. The Man

There are few better towns to connect with a band than Asheville, N.C. To begin with, there seems to be a bar dispensing craft beer and tall cocktails about every 30 feet or so. Then there’s the Smoky Mountain setting, which mixes rarefied air with rarefied place; a place that is at once bustling enough to buzz and quiet enough to keep the buzzards at bay. When the band in question is Portugal. The Man, one of the most peripatetically-charged outfits ever to hit the high road, well, the connection might best be described as grabbing hold of a real live wire.

It wasn’t the first time this Wasilla-born, Portland-based group wowed this North Carolina town, and it undoubtedly won’t be the last. But from the initial drink at Wicked Weed to last call at Rankin Vault, this some kinda wonderful night proved to be one helluva Day in the Life.

Check out photographer Jeffrey Delannoy’s images from the day with Portugal. The Man in the gallery by clicking above.