Listen to Purity Ring's New Singles, "peacefall" and "pink lightning"

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Listen to Purity Ring's New Singles, "peacefall" and "pink lightning"

After three years of radio silence following their standalone single “Asido,” Purity Ring are back with a new album and, given Wednesday’s release of two new tracks after lead single “stardew,” it seems they’re eager to get back in the game.

The two singles, “peacefall” and “pink lightning,” present the band as still capable of producing diverse and strange work using the language of twinkling trap-pop and reverberating synths. “peacefall” is reminiscent of their work on Another Eternity, toying with the ideas presented by (or perhaps appropriated by Purity Ring’s previous work) the works of pop acts like Katy Perry and Ellie Goulding with a uniquely sinister twist. The lyric video depicts one half of the duo, Megan James, chain-stitching the lyrics of the video into fabric.

“pink lightning” is new territory for the band—the atmosphere feels more emotionally honest than the coy, dark landscapes the band previously crafted, James’ voice displaying breaks of anxiety and fear. The music video for the track is a “walkthrough” of the game the band previously leaked to fans, which, if fans were able to find their way to the end, they were greeted with an audio file of the track ahead of its official release. Some fans were clever enough to find it in the page’s source coding.

WOMB is out April 3 via 4AD. The band currently have no plans to cancel their tour dates starting in May.