Raul Midón: Live at the Paste Studio

Music Video Raul Midón
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Multi-talented musician Raul Midón joined us recently for a session in the Paste Studio. With a little bit of funk, a little Latino influence and a ton of intricate guitar-picking, the New Mexico native gave us an incredibly unique and inspirational performance. Blind since birth, the artist produces lyrics, styling and musical ability that a level of artistry and intelligence that not too many people are lucky enough to have.

At some points, Midón sounds like a funkier John Legend with a Spanish flair. At other times he himself becomes a living instrument.

Midón is currently on tour. This month, he’ll be hitting Atlanta, New York City and Chicago and beyond. Later on in the year he’ll be in Europe, Africa and Asia. Watch the videos here to see the incomparable Midón in action.