Real Estate Share New Single/Video "Darling," Announce New Album In Mind

Music Video Real Estate
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For bands such as The National, Beach House or Real Estate, change is glacially incremental. The differences are infinitesimal and hardly noticeable in the moment, but they add up over time.

“Darling,” the first track to be released off of Real Estate’s newly announced fourth LP In Mind, is the band’s largest leap forward yet. Though they are now sans founding guitarist Matt Mondanile, the dream-pop group’s signature guitar chime remains intact. But now it pairs with a gently gliding synth figure that hasn’t really been heard from Real Estate before. And while those guitars do still chime, certain lines have sort of vapor trails behind them that weren’t around for Days or Atlas. And Martin Courtney stays singing about romantic love but there’s a more pronounced impatience to it. Real Estate continue to sound like Real Estate, albeit with a few subtle tweaks.

Watch the Weird Days-directed “Darling” video above, find the tracklist and album art for In Mind below, beneath Paste Cloud audio from Real Estate’s 2010 Daytrotter session, and look for their album to drop via Domino on March 17. It’s available for preorder here.

In Mind Tracklist:
01. Darling
02. Serve the Song
03. Stained Glass
04. After the Moon
05. Two Arrows
06. White Light
07. Holding Pattern
08. Time
09. Diamond Eyes
10. Same Sun
11. Saturday

In Mind Album Art:

Real Estate In Mind Album Art.jpg