Ride Share "Repetition," New Song from Next Month's This Is Not a Safe Place

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Ride Share "Repetition," New Song from Next Month's <i>This Is Not a Safe Place</i>

Legendary British shoegazers Ride shared a new cut from their imminent new album, This Is Not A Safe Place, late Tuesday night.

Like other tracks in Ride’s discography, “Repetition” is poppier than other shoegaze songs. Swirling guitars intertwine with jubilant synths, crafting a sunny single that sounds like if Kraftwerk were stripped of technological anxieties and linked up with Devo.

Frontman Andy Bell smiles throughout the track, encouraging listeners to embrace patterns amid substantial life changes. “Repetition is a form of change / So don’t be fazed if the backdrops change,” he chants encouragingly during the chorus. Per the track’s YouTube description, Bell writes that the track “succeeds in bringing me back to all of the things we were into and talked about when we were 18, but also being of the moment, in 2019.”

This Is Not A Safe Place is out on Aug. 16 via Wichita Recordings. Listen to “Repetition” below, then head over here to see what we had to say about Ride’s most recent offering.