Rock on the Range 2016 Review and Photos

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Rock on the Range 2016 Review and Photos

A few weeks ago, Columbus, Ohio’s annual Rock on the Range festival grew into something weirder, cooler and scarier in its tenth iteration. Past versions celebrated a very specific brand of hard rock and metal: bald/dreaded dudes with gravelly voices belting endless streams of vowels over chugging power chords. That’s not to discount proto-metal royalty like ZZ Top and Judas Priest—or the occasional rap rock relic—but ROTR knew its niche and knew it well.

And the leather and testosterone still flowed threw much of last weekend. But damn if this year’s lineup didn’t also embrace every iteration of vocal/guitar/bass/drum around. Ornately talented Grammy-winning satanists, Ghost? Sure. Groove metal chaos avatars Lamb of God? Yes. Shrill scene upstarts Bring Me The Horizon? Not a fan, but….really? OK. Wow. Cali punk veterans Pennywise? Wait….what? Unapologetic volunteer California tourism board Red Hot Chili Peppers headlining? That’s a thing. And don’t even get us started on At The Drive-In.

That versatility shouldn’t work, but it did, and hinted at an experience to compete with France’s equally heavy Hellfest. Paste photographer Sean Edgar was there to capture the aural destruction on Saturday and Sunday of the 3-day celebration.