Rose Hotel Share "10 K" Video, Announce Debut LP Out in May

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Rose Hotel Share "10 K" Video, Announce Debut LP Out in May

Rose Hotel, aka Atlanta-based Jordan Reynolds and her all-star band made up of other local musicians, have announced their debut LP I Will Only Come When It’s A Yes, out May 31. The news arrives with a bubbly new single, “10 K,” and its accompanying video, which you can watch below.

The video, produced by Jayme Powell, follows Reynolds as she visits familiar sites in both her old home, Bowling Green, Ky., and her new home, Atlanta, Ga. “10 K” is more gussied-up than Reynolds’ initial lo-fi recordings under the Rose Hotel moniker, though the vintage-inspired video still maintains a DIY spirit. Reynolds, shown strolling by popular ATL spots like The Earl and 529, finds herself pondering the future and the past as tight electric guitar chords tumble on. “Nearly old enough but too young to understand,” she sings over sunny guitar. “Time isn’t slowing down and I see wrinkles in my hands.” Reynolds is a natural storyteller, and her roomy indie-rock fits right in alongside that of artists like Hazel English and Jay Som.

Reynolds assembled her band with members of other local groups Material Girls, Neighbor Lady, Shepherds, Karaoke and Palm Sunday. She wrote “10 K” shortly after moving to Atlanta and said it was a result of the “bittersweet” feelings surrounding the relocation:

I directed this video with my friend Jayme Powell—another Bowling Green, Ky., to Atlanta, Ga., transplant. We shot it over the course of a few months in locations all over both Atlanta and Bowling Green. We shot at my new house and around my new neighborhood, but also went back to Kentucky and shot in front of all the different houses I lived in over the six years I spent there, as well as some of my old haunts. I wanted the video to feel like a compilation of a bunch of old home videos, and Jayme had been experimenting with using a Super 8 camera which afforded us the ability to make that happen. The marriage of the soft, nostalgic visual aspect of Super 8 film and shooting in locations where I have an emotional connection resulted in a very honest representation of the song. ‘10 K’ was written shortly after I moved to Atlanta. I was feeling a lot of excitement about the change but it was bittersweet. I wanted this video to reflect that dichotomy—the gleefulness of soaking in new city and environment, mixed with the feelings of loss when leaving a place that shaped you.

Again, you can watch the video for “10 K” below. Keep scrolling for the I Will Only Come When It’s A Yes album art and tracklist. You can preorder the record right here.

I Will Only Come When It’s A Yes Album Art:


I Will Only Come When It’s A Yes Tracklist:
01. 10 K
02. Write Home
03. Would You Believe Me
04. Was It Right
05. Jamie
06. Better
07. Blue Light
08. If It Ain’t Hard
09. Running Behind