Run The Jewels 4 Is in Progress, but "Not Even Close to Done"

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<i>Run The Jewels 4</i> Is in Progress, but "Not Even Close to Done"

Run the Jewels may have made arguably the only good part of Venom this year with “Let’s Go (The Royal We),” but that looks to be the only crop of new music we’ll be getting from the hip-hop duo this year, according to a tweet from El-P.

The rapper stated in a tweet Tuesday that the group will not be releasing their fourth album this year, noting that they had “just got off tour like 5 months ago,” and that he had “scored a film and got married,” leaving little time for writing or studio work.

El-P goes on to ensure fans that RTJ4 is a work in progress, saying that he and Killer Mike have “started” and that they are “working on it,” but that the end product is still far off. “I tell you because I love you,” he adds, specifying in a subsequent tweet that the album “will probably hit around summer time.”

See the rapper’s tweets below.

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