Photos: Ryan Adams - Carnegie Hall, Hammerstein Ballroom

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Photos: Ryan Adams - Carnegie Hall, Hammerstein Ballroom

Over the past week, Ryan Adams has performed in New York City on four different nights. We were lucky enough to catch two of those nights, one at the ever-famous Carnegie Hall for a solo-acoustic performance and a second with his new backing band, The Shining, at Hammerstein Ballroom. Check out photographer Taylor Swaim’s images from the performances in the gallery above, and take a peek at the set lists below.

Set List: Carnegie Hall – Nov. 15, 2014

1. Gimme Something Good
2. Oh My Sweet Carolina
3. Damn Sam (I Love a Woman That Rains)
4. My Winding Wheel
5. Trouble
6. Nobody Girl
7. Lucky Now
8. Off Broadway
9. Halloween
10. New York, New York
11. Let It Ride
12. Please Do Not Let Me Go
13. Rats in the Wall
14. Why Do They Leave?
15. Sylvia Plath
16. Crossed Out Name
17. Where I Meet You In My Mind
18. If I Am a Stranger
19. Amy
20. English Girls Approximately
21. Avenues (Whiskeytown song)
22. Come Pick Me Up

Set List: Hammerstein Ballroom – Nov. 22, 2014

1.Gimme Something Good
2.Let It Ride
3.Stay With Me
4.Dirty Rain
5.This House Is Not For Sale
6.Magnolia Mountain
7.New York, New York
8.Improvised song about Major LaTête
9.A Kiss Before I Go
10.Dear Chicago
11.My Wrecking Ball
13.When the Stars Go Blue
14.Rats in the Wall
15.When the Summer Ends
16.The Door
17.Cold Roses
18.Oh My Sweet Carolina
20.La Cienega Just Smiled
21.Do I Wait
22.Lucky Now (solo acoustic)
23.My Winding Wheel (solo acoustic)
25.I See Monsters
26.Come Pick Me Up