Watch Santigold's New Music Video, Rife with Cameos by Andy Samberg, Jay-Z, Olivia Wilde, More

Music Video Santigold
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It can be difficult to tell how much self-awareness goes into a so-called “vanity project” like Santigold’s “I Can’t Get Enough of Myself,” but considering how smart and talented she is, we can guess that there’s a good deal of irony and commentary happening here. In the video for the song, which comes from her album 99¢ and which you can watch above, Santigold struts her stuff alongside digital cameos from famous people like Olivia Wilde, Jay-Z, and Andy Samberg. The video was actually released earlier this year, and viewers could use their webcam to project their own face onto billboards and coffee cups and other objects throughout the video. This “linear” style has been updated today to use the celebrity cameos you see above.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, here is Santigold’s earlier comment on her album title, which also reflects an awareness of how pop stars have become commodities:

“Everything is a product at this point — including people and relationships … Everything is about marketing products… Everything is undervalued… so I thought 99¢ was a good price for me, my life, and all my hard work.”

Below, check out Santigold’s performance of the song on Ellen.