Sara Bug Shares New Single "Ride on Sundys"

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Sara Bug Shares New Single "Ride on Sundys"

Nashville’s Sara Bug released “Ride on Sundys” Wednesday, the fifth single ahead of her debut LP. The singer’s self-titled album arrives May 14 via Egghunt Records.

Bug’s voice sounds a bit like if Britney Spears produced a great indie record, with her feather-light voice offering a country twang to the easygoing track. She composed the songs on Sara Bug over seven years, following her move from New Orleans to Nashville in 2013. After finally shedding the insecurity that comes from moving to one of the country’s greatest musical epicenters and subsequently comparing herself to the other acts in town, Bug’s career begins in earnest with her debut release. “Ride on Sundys” is a gentle and relaxing continuation of this introduction, with layered sunny guitar melodies bringing out the sweetness of Bug’s singing even as she recounts feelings of heartbreak.

Sara Bug elaborated on the song in a statement:

It’s a play on words I guess. Sitting inside writing on a Sunday afternoon instead of out in the sun driving or riding or at the lake with my friends. “Ride on Sundys” is about the guilt of being sad and trying to bandage it with isolation.

Listen to “Ride on Sundys” below. You can preorder Sara Bug here.