Saul Williams: Live at the Paste Studio

Music Video Saul Williams
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With the January release of MartyrLoserKing, Saul Williams is currently on an extensive European tour. He’ll be back in the states by April, but to tide you over, we were able to grab a session with Williams before he took off. Sometimes an actor, sometimes a rapper and always a poet, Williams is powerfully raw in his performance no matter what he’s working on.

We interviewed the artist back in 2008, and six years later we are still fascinated by the man. In our studio, he gave off more infectious energy with each track he played. On MartyrLoserKing, Williams doesn’t hold back. Not at all shy in his lyrics, he confronts social and political issues head on with point-blank bluntness. Watch here to see his dynamic medley of “Ashes / Think Like They Book Say.”