Paste Sessions: Scars on 45 Shine on Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time"

English indie-rockers make the classic ballad a natural duet.

Music Features Scars on 45
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Paste Sessions: Scars on 45 Shine on Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time"

The English rock group Scars on 45 stopped by the Paste Studio this week to play a variety of songs, from their forthcoming single “Teenage Superstars” to the crowd-pleaser “Crazy For You” from their 2014 album Safety In Numbers. But one track stood apart from the rest: their new, acoustic cover of Cyndi Lauper’s classic ballad “Time After Time.”

“We started doing covers on tour, and we’ve only recently realized that the covers we do tend to be the songs that our parents used to listen to in the car when they’d give us a lift to school. We’ve done quite a few, and they always tend to be from the ‘80s,” singer and guitarist Danny Bemrose explained.

Bemrose and singer Aimee Driver treat Lauper’s ode to loyalty as a duet, which serves to make the song all the more powerful—two people professing their mutual faith and devotion to one idea of themselves. They trade verses and unite in harmony on the chorus, evoking the undeniable beauty of the original. We promise you’ll be singing along and feeling nostalgic for the ‘80s in no time, so we found an 1983 performance by Lauper herself from the Paste Vault for you to enjoy.

Between songs, Scars on 45 talked about how they connected with one another as friends initially before their music evolved from that connection.

“It’s enabled us to do things and see things that we never thought we’d be able to 10 years ago. We basically did it because we were all friends. We used to go down after work to this little studio that we had and just hang out and be friends. Music came second, and then when we got signed it was like ‘Well, we better take it a bit seriously now,’” Bamrose said.

Check out Scars on 45’s full session below.