Watch Screaming Females Perform "It's Not Fair" in 94 Jewel Performance

Music Video Screaming Females
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Screaming Females have been releasing a steady stream of completely ripping singles from their forthcoming LP Rose Mountain (out Feb. 24 via Don Giovanni), with seemingly each one being better than the last. They’ve been consistently releasing music at this level for nearly a decade, five songs packed full of searing riffs and in-your-face attitude, but it seems like their sixth LP will be a coming-out party for the New Jersey trio.

Rose Mountain is shaping up to be a record impossible to ignore, putting them at the forefront of guitar rock going forward, and as each song from the record hits the Internet, that theory is only growing stronger. Stereogum has shared a Lester Bangs-directed live video of Screaming Females debuting “It’s Not Fair,” the pithiest and punchiest track from Rose Mountain so far. The performance barely clocks in at over a minute-and-a-half, but singer/guitarist Marissa Paternoster manages to pack its short running time with a big hook and bigger riffs.

Check out the video above, and preorder Rose Mountain here. Like, immediately.