SHOWX Launches Artist-Controlled Ticketing Platform

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SHOWX Launches Artist-Controlled Ticketing Platform


The free app SHOWX is bringing concert booking into a modern and more connected world for independent musicians. Today (May 13), the app is launching a new ticketing platform that allows artists to sell tickets directly to their fans without going through the middlemen of venues or promoters.

For fans, this system allows for more conscientious purchasing as they’re assured their cash is going directly to their favorite artist. In turn, musicians are able to engage with their fans on a greater level—instead of fans’ information going to show promoters after nabbing a ticket, data like their emails will go to the artists they support. Once they have this information, artists will have the power to send out exclusive content, pre-sale access and other perks to their fanbase.

Music venues benefit from SHOWX’s platform, too; artists can begin selling for a certain city without first nailing down a venue in town. Even as tickets are already being sold, venues can see what bands will be in town on nights they’re looking to book and get a gauge on how many seats have already been sold. In a show-saturated post-COVID world where fans and artists alike are itching to experience live shows once again, non-traditional venues like farms, breweries and bookstores will be included in SHOWX’s more transparent marketplace.

SHOWX was founded by Lincoln Foley Schofield, a longtime indie booker in NYC. Schofield said of the app in a statement:

Musicians controlling ticketing and owning the data of their fans is about more than a business opportunity. It’s the right thing to do. Sustainable careers are built on the relationship artists have with their fans, and our goal is to use technology to remove all barriers to this relationship.

SHOWX is available to download via the Apple App Store or through Google Play.