Siri Knows How To Beatbox, Maybe Better Than You

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If you get a spare moment today and you have an iPhone, here’s 15 seconds of glorious Apple humor. Ask Siri to beatbox and she’ll come at you with “one she’s been practicing”: a loop of “boots and cats and boots and cats.” Her technique’s a little choppy and not so much percussive as wordy, but hey, she’s a robot, and she’s still practicing.

This particular Siri trick actually came to light a couple of months ago, but for reasons that only the Twitterverse knows, the Twitterverse started blowing it up over the past 24 hours. Siri’s developers are probably sitting in a room watching this happen and crossing her beatboxing talent off a long list of gags the public has yet to discover.

As for Siri, she “could do this all day.”