A Day In The Life Of Sleeper Agent

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A Day In The Life Of Sleeper Agent

Bowling Green, Ky. rockers Sleeper Agent have emerged as a band to watch in 2011, releasing their debut album Celabrasion this past year. They’ve managed to remain grounded, despite their newfound success. The night before they took the stage on New Year’s Eve, the group hung out in their hotel room with some fans who traveled from Washington specifically to see Sleeper Agent play in Chicago, Ill. at the Aragon Ballroom.

The next day, the group wandered around the Chicago neighborhood near their hotel, purchasing vintage clothes for their show at a local thrift store. Band members Tony Smith and Alex Kandel mentioned that because they all spend so much time on the road together, they’re more independent when there’s down time on tour. That’s a balance that was evident through spending time with them—something that seemed to pay off. Both on and off the stage, Sleeper Agent’s collective dynamic is undeniable and something definitely worth experiencing.

Check out Allison Ziemba’s photos from her two days spent with Sleeper Agent on Dec. 30-31 in the gallery below.