Song Premiere: Sleeping At Last - "Atlas: Sight"

Music Audio Sleeping At Last
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Sleeping At Last is the moniker for alternative rock musician Ryan O’Neal. His newest project is an EP called Atlas:Senses, with each song on the EP centered around a different sense (Touch, Taste, Smell, Hearing & Sight) in the order they form in a newborn baby. This thematic and fascinating project is perfect for O’Neal’s vocal prowess, and works great with the church choir accompanying Ryan on this track. The track was recorded at the Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago.

The church setting gives a great natural reverb that enhances the sound of the choir, organ and the lead vocals. “Atlas: Sight” is the finale on the EP, and the song feels like an appropriate closing number. When accompanied by the choir, listening to the “Atlas: Sight” feels very much like a holy experience, and it definitely accompanies the notion of a religious practice and getting closer to God, regardless of the listener’s belief system.

Because of the choir and organ, the track has a gospel-esque feel to it. While Ryan O’Neal vocals feel more alternative rock than spiritual music, the message of the song definitely carries a religious meaning, with God and the Holy Ghost mentioned several times throughout the number. Whatever a person believes, they will definitely feel affected by this poignant and beautiful song.