Strange Ranger Share "Living Free," a Murky New Song from Remembering the Rockets

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Strange Ranger Share "Living Free," a Murky New Song from <i>Remembering the Rockets</i>

Portland-via-Philadelphia skronkers Strange Ranger shared another taste of their forthcoming album Remembering the Rockets on Thursday morning.

“Living Free” is a sludgy track, caked in reverb and distortion. Heavily processed drums set the scene, layered with muted guitars and snaring synths to create a grunge-via-trance tune that gives way to straight-up noise by the end of the song’s runtime.

Soaring above it all are Isaac Eiger’s vocals, which translate the instrumental’s discordance into cognitive disarray. “Eating apples in the yard / You don’t know what makes you happy / All the colors in your memories,” he sings at the beginning of the song, laying the groundwork for the larger exploration of anxiety and memory present.

Remembering the Rockets is due out July 26 via Tiny Engines. “Living Free” follows up on the album’s previously released single, “Leona.” Listen to “Living Free” below.