NYC Ballet Teases New Sufjan Stevens-Scored Project The Decalogue

Music Video Sufjan Stevens
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Today the New York City Ballet released a teaser for choreographer Justin Peck’s latest collaboration with indie-folk maestro, jack-of-all-trades and (probably) pixie elf Sufjan Stevens. The project, titled The Decalogue, is Peck’s third adaptation of a Sufjan Stevens score—the first two were Year of the Rabbit (2012) and Everywhere We Go (2014).

The Decalogue’s teaser, directed by Rebekka Björnsdóttir and Yoonha Park, has graphics designed by Stevens himself. It promises a little more of a martial, Russian flair than Stevens’ previously more whimsical, impressionist ballet scores. According to the teaser, the ballet will be for solo piano and ten dancers, will premiere on May 12 and have additional performances on May 14, 18 and 20. The performances will take place at the New York Ballet’s Here/Now festival, which will also feature Year of the Rabbit and Everywhere We Go.

Peck is also set to choreograph scores by Dan Deacon, Steve Reich and Philip Glass, among others. Get tickets here, watch the trailer for The Decalogue above, find a teaser for Everywhere We Go below and read one of Paste’s many attempts to figure Sufjan Stevens out here.