Gallery: Powerful Women of SXSW Speak Out

Sadie Dupuis, Liza Anne, Meghan Remy and others on the ascent of women in today's music scene.

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Gallery: Powerful Women of SXSW Speak Out

The tide is turning in the music industry. Fans won’t stand for the “good ol’ boys club” anymore, and women are increasingly receiving the exposure they deserve, despite having always been just as capable as the men. While at the 2018 South by Southwest Music Festival last week, Paste only took portraits of female solo artists and female-fronted bands, and we provided an open space for them to say whatever they chose to share with us—about being a woman in the music industry, at SXSW and beyond. Here are nine images of some of SXSW’s best and words reflecting how they wanted to be heard. Unedited.

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