ICYMI: SXSW Photo Recap

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ICYMI: SXSW Photo Recap

For a photographer, SXSW is somewhere between a dream gig and the Bataan Death March. On one hand, every actor and band you’ve ever heard of is conducting some sort of intimate, amazing showcase. On the other hand, they’re all doing it at the exact same time, pretty much 24 hours a day.

For much of my time in Austin I was paired with a writer, newly minted TV personality Ryan Bort, and we’d race from showcase to showcase essentially hand-picking what to feature. Sounds simple, right? Well, when more than two thousand artists are performing in just under a week, it means lots of walking (or running, or pedi-cabbing) from one end of Austin to the other, often discovering other un-missable things happening in between. Upon returning to my hotel at around 3 AM every day, I’d upload images onto my computer and quickly flag the “gets” that I knew Ryan would want for posting with his daily update the following morning. This left a lot of images in digital purgatory, many of which I just looked at for the first time as I went to get this gallery together.

All in all, it was an amazing week. The weather cooperated, new favorite bands were discovered, fives were highed, and soles were worn out.