SXSW 2016 Day 3: Photos and Recap

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SXSW 2016 Day 3: Photos and Recap

Thursday at SXSW was a sea of green as revelers took part in St. Patrick’s day festivities, but for us, it was all about seeing as many excellent bands as possible. Check out images from Day 3 in the gallery, and read about some of the sets we caught on Wednesday below. And of course, stay tuned for more SXSW coverage all this week.

Kacey Musgraves

You couldn’t help but be a stoked to witness Texan Kacey Musgraves on what she called her first “official” SXSW, but the laid-back atmosphere at Weather Up and her scaled-back stage setup made it even more of a treat. She’s got a top-notch band, don’t get me wrong—I mean, her liner notes include a guy playing wooden spoons for crying out loud—but this time it was just Musgraves and Misa Arriaga (boyfriend and bandleader). Low-key harmonies and minimal instrumentation allowed Musgraves’ vocals and sharp-witted lyrics to shine, and you couldn’t help but hope to see another album from the country star by the time we come back to Austin next year.—Dacey Orr

The Greeting Committee

The Greeting Committee opened up the ATO x Harvest Records showcase at the Blackheart last night, and it was such an energetic start to the night. The young four-piece, fronted by vocalist/guitarist Addie Sartino, were a cutesy, summery breath of fresh air, full of youthful vibrance and pure excitement at being there. They were all smiles during their set, playing hand clap games on stage and not taking things too seriously, all the while showcasing serious talent.—Emily McBride

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks are extremely fun live, but still, no one at a Twin Peaks show ever seems to be having a better time than the band itself. They’re full of energy, and that joyfulness comes through in their music and infects everyone in the crowd. Their midday set at Sidewinder on Thursday was a total party, and it set the tone perfectly for the rest of the afternoon at the Noisepop showcase.—Bonnie Stiernberg

Green River Ordinance

From hand-claps to three-part harmonies, Green River Ordinance was “flying high” at their performance during the Fort Worth party at Soho Lounge, giving a grittier glimpse into the the guys’ background that felt more authentic than their more polished studio work. They debuted new songs like “Keep Your Cool” while bringing out old favorites like “If It Can’t Break Your Heart,” and the dive bar performance gave me confidence that this won’t be the last time I’m singing and swaying to GRO.—Dacey Orr

Rayland Baxter

Nashville’s Rayland Baxter took the stage last night at the Blackheart and killed it. For an alt-country artist, Baxter sure knows how to rock, and rock he did…hard. The singer-songwriter serenaded us into a trance with his dreamy voice and then snapped us out of it by wailing on the guitar with gusto.—Emily McBride

Pure Bathing Culture

Pure Bathing Culture is one of those bands that manages to sound better every time I hear them, and their set on Thursday afternoon was no exception to this rule. Vocalist Sarah Versprille in particular seems to grow more powerful with every performance—at this rate, we can only imagine what they’ll sound like at SXSW 2017.—Bonnie Stiernberg

Margo Price

It’s time to quit hailing new artists as country’s saviors—if the last few years are any indicator, country is doing just fine. But Margo Price is certainly the next name to rise to legend-like fame, and her performance at Weather Up for the Billy Reid Shindig (always a sure bet during SXSW) was only more evidence to that increasingly obvious statement. Highlights included “Tennessee Song” and, of course, closer “Hurtin’ on the Bottle.”—Dacey Orr


Joseph walked out on the stage of the Blackheart last night, and we knew it was going to be good. The Portland-based trio, made up of sisters Natalie, Allison and Meegan Closner, stepped out to the front of the stage together, full backing band in tow. The girls had us all in the palms of their hands with their beautifully eerie harmonies, while the band rounded out their sound and punched the set up from soothing to dynamic.—Emily McBride


Honne’s electro-soul set was the perfect way to wrap up the Noisepop showcase at Sidewinder on Thursday—laidback, effortlessly cool, a nice cap to the day’s proceedings courtesy of single-named members Andy and James. The duo expands their setup in a live setting, featuring a backing vocalist, drums and bass, and it added a richness to their sound.—Bonnie Stiernberg

Robert Ellis

It’s always a pleasure to catch a set from singer-songwriter Robert Ellis, but it’s a different kind of special to see him perform in his home state. He debuted new songs, including
“A sex dream that turned into a terrible pornographic nightmare” called “You’re Not The One,” and the less intense-sounding “Driving,” written with Angaleena Presley and chronicling life in Nashville “feeling like life is going nowhere.” My favorite song was “Maybe I’ll Move To California,” in which he sings: “Maybe I’ll move to California / with the unbroken part of my heart I still have left / Maybe I’ll fall in love again someday / I’m not gonna hold my breath.”
Dacey Orr

Har Mar Superstar

Seeing Har Mar Superstar in the McDonald’s Loft—where attendees could grab a table and munch on some free fries—was a little odd, but Har Mar made it work, cracking a few McDonald’s jokes and at one point getting up on top of said tables. He played some tracks of his new album, Best Summer Ever, including an excellent cover of Bobby Charles’ “I Hope,” along with Bye Bye 17 favorites like “Lady, You Shot Me.” Har Mar himself seemed extremely pleased with the set (rightfully so), tweeting out afterwards that it “felt like a god damn magnificent return to form.”—Bonnie Stiernberg