SXSW 2016 Day 5: Photos and Recap

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SXSW 2016 Day 5: Photos and Recap

By the time Saturday rolls around at SXSW, most people are running on empty—or as close to empty as one can be in a city full of top-notch BBQ and tacos, that is—and bands must be truly excellent to win over weary festival-goers who are wiped from the week. Fortunately, that was the case with what we caught to cap off our SXSW. Check out photos in the gallery, and stay tuned for more interviews and recaps as we wrap up our coverage this week.

Muuy Biien

I spent most of my Saturday morning and afternoon running in and out of the Athens in Austin showcase at The Side Bar, presented by the Georgia Theatre. The first band I caught was Athens five-piece Muuy Biien, a rip-roaring noise rock band with serious punk rock attitude. The guys took the stage and wasted no time easing us into their set, jumping right into some heavy, mosh-worthy tunes. Who needs caffeine when you’ve got frontman Joshua Evans’ epic yowl to smack the grogginess right out of you?—Emily McBride


Before Saturday, I had only seen Mothers’ Kristine Leschper do a stripped-back, solo set at the Paste Studio, so catching her at the Athens in Austin party with her full band was a treat. Leschper’s voice is captivating, but when you add the force of her bandmates behind her, it transforms into something entirely different. She had the crowd at the Side Bar’s outdoor stage completely mesmerized.—Bonnie Stiernberg

Tedo Stone

Atlanta’s Tedo Stone played the indoor stage at The Side Bar, bringing his classic Southern indie rock sound to life in a room full of entranced listeners. Stone commanded the attention of the room with his dreamy vocals and boundless range, and his band held it by rocking our damn faces off. If you didn’t catch these dudes at SX this year, you missed out. This is a must-see band.—Emily McBride


Bambara is loud, in the best possible way—the kind of loud where you feel the noise-rock trio’s music in your entire body, with those frantic drums replacing your heartbeat. Their set on Saturday afternoon was like a much-needed jolt of energy to carry us through the final day of SXSW.—Bonnie Stiernberg

Saint Pé

Ian St. Pé’s always been a frontman at heart, and in the former Black Lips guitarist’s new band (aptly named Saint Pé), he doesn’t need to share the spotlight with anyone. That’s not to say his bandmates are inconsequential; on the contrary, Saint Pé features an impressive collection of members of Turf War, Concord America and Zoners. But Saint Pé is called Saint Pé for a reason, and it’s very much his project. On Saturday at Side Bar, Saint Pé kept it loose, cracking jokes and playing songs from the band’s recently released EP, Secular Music, as well as some of his work from the Black Lips (“Time”) and Diamond Rugs (featuring a special appearance by his D-Rugs cohort T. Hardy Morris).—Bonnie Stiernberg

T. Hardy Morris

T. Hardy Morris closed out the Athens in Austin showcase on Saturday evening with a bang. Morris and his band took no prisoners for the final show of the party, the highlight being when he brought fellow showcase performer Ian St. Pé up on stage for the second mini Diamond Rugs reunion of the night, treating us to one of my personal favorite tracks, “Blame” off of their sophomore album Cosmetics. This entire showcase won SX for me.—Emily McBride