Exclusive: Taken By Trees Release Dreamy New Single, "Holiday"

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Exclusive: Taken By Trees Release Dreamy New Single, "Holiday"

Swedish pop act Taken By Trees have released a new single just in time for the holidays, premiering exclusively at Paste today.

The track, titled “Holiday,” is the story of heartbreak and attempting to salvage the holiday season. Songwriter and vocalist Victoria Bergsman wisps out hazy pop lines (“Do you remember what I said that day? / How I promised we would go away? / So let me take you on a holiday”) over the song’s piano/jingle bell-based foundation, somehow nailing the intersection between the holiday blues and the dreamy hopefulness of the season.

“When I wrote the lyrics for ‘Holiday,’ I was very upset. I was upset about Trump winning in the elections. I remembered I changed the lyrics from how they were originally, I was very angry when I started writing them and I came back to them and felt I wanted to make them less angry and add some hope and comfort,” says Bergsman in a statement. “The song is telling a story of sadness and despair but finding a way out of it, at least for the moment. I am still upset, but I can feel some hope around me.”

The idea of finding joy and serenity in a hard situation isn’t new for Taken By Trees, but instead seems to be a common theme as of late. Their latest album, titled Yellow to Blue and released in May, was a 10-track venture setting out to “soothe and brighten the darkness” in a political, violence-charged world, according to a press release. You can revisit that album via Spotify here.

Check out “Holiday” below.