Tedo Stone: Live at the Paste Studio

Music Video Tedo Stone
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Atlanta Americana rockers Tedo Stone delivered an energetic acoustic set here at Paste Studio recently. Watch Stone and Clay Houle perform “To The Marshes,” “Mind Wasted,” and “Home to It” from their September album Marshes.

From the age of 12, Stone fronted a band and played in motorcycle dive bars in his hometown of Covington, GA. Fans of Nobunny, Dinosaur Jr. and Neil Young will certainly dig on Tedo Stone, as they infuse infectious southern vibes, fiery timbre and powerful wall-of-sound dynamics.

Tedo Stone will be a major presence in SXSW this year, and will later perform two nights in Georgia with Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires. A full breakdown of Tedo Stone’s SXSW parties and showcases are below.

Tedo Stone SXSW Shows

3/15: TOM’s One x One party @ 5pm
3/15: This Is American Music party @ Hole in the Wall 11pm
3/16: Oskar Blues party @ Waller Creek Pub House 2pm
3/17: PopMatters party @ Yard Dog Art Gallery 4:45pm
3/18: Sweetwater Austin Party @ Fado Irish Pub 8pm
3/19: Georgia Theatre’s Athens in Austin party @ Side Bar 5pm