Tegan and Sara Share Animated Video for Hayley Williams' "Nineteen" Cover

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Tegan and Sara Share Animated Video for Hayley Williams' "Nineteen" Cover

In honor of their breakthrough record’s 10th birthday, Tegan and Sara not only set out to embark on a tour to perform The Con acoustically, but they also enlisted some of their talented comrades to cover the beloved tracks from the album to release a collection of covers. The Con X: Covers was released last month, and half the proceeds are going toward the Tegan and Sara Foundation, “which fights for economic justice, health and representation for LGBTQ girls and women.”

The band explained in a statement that the artists chosen for covers “were either outspoken allies of the LGTBQ community or LGBTQ themselves,” and among them is Hayley Williams, who tackled “Nineteen,” the video for which was released today. Williams’ cover transforms the pop-forward melody into a thoughtful, haunting piano ballad. Like the original version of the song, the video was also unearthed from 2007: Kristine Thune created four videos inspired by The Con, and Tegan and Sara wanted to grant them a proper public release. Newly edited to fit Williams’ cover, the video captures feelings of teenage heartbreak. Watch it below.

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