Watch Tegan and Sara's Magical Video for "Hang on to the Night," Directed and Illustrated by BoJack Horseman's Designer

Music Video Tegan and Sara
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Tegan and Sara never fail to disappoint, especially when it comes to music videos.

On Thursday, they teamed up with BoJack Horseman production designer/producer Lisa Hanawalt and animator Nicole Stafford to create a surreal, animated music video for “Hang on to the Night” from their latest LP Love You to Death. The offbeat video features cats exploding into stars and horses walking on two legs in front of calming gradient backdrops.

“The song was a response to a number of sudden deaths in our family and my anxiety about mortality,” Sara Quin said to NYLON. “If you can manage to hang on, you can face another day.”

The synth-pop duo is making a music video for each of the tracks from Love You to Death. So far, they have made videos for “BWU,” “Boyfriend,” “U-Turn,” “100x” and “Faint of Heart.” Watch the “Hang on to the Night” video above.