Temples Debut New Phaser-Heavy Cut from Forthcoming Album Hot Motion

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Temples Debut New Phaser-Heavy Cut from Forthcoming Album <i>Hot Motion</i>

English psych-rock outfit Temples are releasing their third album Hot Motion next month, and today, Aug. 5, the band have shared the latest cut taken from the project, “You’re Either On Something.”

The single follows last month’s title track, which found the band timidly dipping their toes into glam-rock territory and set forth the heavier, darker, stadium-ready sound the album captures. “You’re Either On Something” is there, but much twangier, melodic and even poppier than its predecessor, set ablaze by shimmering, phasery guitars and loops of bumbling percussion. Frontman James Bagshaw’s stinging vocals glide and bounce over the instrumental, its nasality semi-reminiscent of a vocoder-less Kevin Parker.

“On that track, I can hear influences of stuff that I listened to when I was growing up,” Bagshaw said of the track in a statement (stopping short of listing said influences). “There’s almost a nostalgia to that track, even though it’s very forward-looking.”

Described as an “aural tapestry for dark days,” Hot Motion follows the band’s 2017 release Volcano and marks the band’s debut release for ATO Records. The album will arrive Sept. 27, and you can revisit the album details and the band’s upcoming tour dates here ahead of its release.

Check out the new single and the band’s 2013 Daytrotter Session below.