A Since I Left You Deluxe Edition from The Avalanches?

Internet trolls lead to evidence of "yes"

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A <i>Since I Left You</i> Deluxe Edition from The Avalanches?

The Avalanches are a group of DJ geniuses known for their live and recorded sets—they most recently released an album called Wildflower in 2016, a continuation of and follow up to 2000’s timeless masterpiece Since I Left You.

A Reddit thread containing foreign-retailer pages, label catalogs and more suggests that Astralwerks is preparing to unleash a 33-track deluxe edition of The Avalanches’ first studio album. Nothing is confirmed—but the rumor mill is abuzz.

For clarification, we’re calling Since I Left You a “timeless masterpiece” because it’s the best of the past and the future: the album’s has been considered one of the best Australian albums of all time and one of the best albums of the 2000s. It uses more than 3,500 samples from multiple genres and time periods to carve out a psychological space in the mind that few electronic/ sound collage albums have been able to do since.

The reissue, according to the images, would arrive Feb. 9 and supposedly feature a disc of unreleased remixes and demos. There may also be a four-LP version of the album in the works. The Avalanches have already formally announced a new studio album so it’s difficult not to get greedy in the face of the word “deluxe.” But they wouldn’t have made Since I Left You in the first place, and taken 16 years to follow it, if it weren’t impossible to resist.