The Avett Brothers Share New Single "I Go To My Heart"

The second song from The Third Gleam, out Aug. 28

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The Avett Brothers Share New Single "I Go To My Heart"

Later this month, The Avett Brothers will release the anticipated third album in their “Gleam” series. The Third Gleam is “merely the sound of my brother and I in a room, singing about what is on our minds and in our hearts at the time…sharing it now is about what sharing art is always about: another chance that we may partake in connecting with our brothers and sisters of this world, and hopefully joining you in noticing a speck of light gleaming in what appears to be a relatively long and dark night,” according to Seth and Scott. Today they’ve released another single from the record, following last month’s “Victory.” Like that song, the new single “I Go To My Heart” arrives with a black-and-white acoustic video. Watch below.

This time bassist Bob Crawford joins Scott and Seth in the cabin. The Third Gleam is a more stripped-back effort compared to The Avett Brothers’ output in recent years, and this song is indicative of that relaxed sound: simple, emotional, unfussy and peaceful (or at least in search of peace). It also features a whistle component.

The Third Gleam is one of our most anticipated albums of the month. We also named “Victory” one of the best songs of July.

Again, you can watch the video for “I Go To My Heart” below. Further down, revisit The Avett Brothers’ 2015 Daytrotter session. Keep scrolling for the “I Go To My Heart” single art.

“I Go To My Heart” Single Art: