Watch The Avett Brothers' Poignant New Video for "No Hard Feelings"

Music Video The Avett Brothers
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The Avett Brothers’ new music video for “No Hard Feelings” is a contemplative and reflective look at their history as a band. It begins with the brothers, joined by bassist Bob Crawford, perched on stools in an empty room. As they begin to sing, old video footage plays, separating the past from the present. The video ends with a young Scott Avett slinging an arm around his younger brother, which, paired with the lyrics of this song, is likely to leave viewers a little misty-eyed.

This band has always provided listeners with a sensible and reasonable voice. Maybe it’s the “Southern gentlemen” stereotype, maybe they’re just good people; regardless, their lyrics bestow listeners with wisdom comparable to that of an ancient sage. Despite the mixed reviews True Sadness received, “No Hard Feelings” is a great reminder that nothing positive comes from holding grudges.

Watch the video above, and listen to Paste Cloud audio from the band’s 2015 Daytrotter session below.