The Breeders Release Punchy New Single "Wait in the Car"

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The Breeders Release Punchy New Single "Wait in the Car"

It’s official: The Breeders are back. After teasing a new track late last week, the band released the song in its entirety today, called “Wait in the Car.” The single is the first new music from the alt-rock outfit since 2009, when they released their Fate to Fatal EP, and is also the first release featuring the Last Splash lineup—Kim and Kelley Deal, Josephine Wiggs and Jim Macpherson—since the album came out in 1993.

The Breeders keep the ‘90s alive with the spunky new track. “Wait in the Car” invigorates its listeners with punchy guitar riffs and quirky lyrics: “I always struggle with the right words / Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow.” Kim Deal’s vocals range from soothing oohs to aggressive exclamations: “Wait in the car / I got business!”

Chris Bigg and Martin Andersen compiled over 800 images to compose the clip accompanying the single, which you can watch below. The images feature subjects ranging from song lyrics to abstractions of bricks. Bigg and Andersen explain in a statement:

“It all started with a brick. We both liked the idea of using something iconic yet quite banal. An old brick has a story, and it’s a beautiful raw object. We started collecting more and more (some intact, some broken) and realized how different they all appear, each one having its own identity.”

Wait in the Car” will be a part of a series of 7” releases on 4AD. One, which will be available only at upcoming Breeders shows, is backed with Amon Düül II’s 1970 song “Arcangel Thunderbird.” Another, which will be available only at independent record stores, will feature the band’s take on Devo’s “Gates of Steel.” The last includes Kim Deal’s rendition of Mike Nesmith’s “Joanne.” Details of its availability will be announced later in the year.