Listen to New Track From The Head and The Heart, “Colors”

Music News The Head and the Heart
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The Head and The Heart have released another new song, “Colors,” from their forthcoming album, Signs of Light.

The track is more subdued than the anthemic “All We Ever Knew,” but packs a punch with the chorus: “I saw the colors fade away from you.” It’s quite reminiscent of their previous loss-inspired songs, for example “Cruel” from 2013’s Let’s be Still. However, the use of synth makes the track its own and furthers the taste of catchy pop that Signs of Light is seeming to have. Band member Charity Rose Thielen gets an obviously gorgeous solo in it too, softening it and adding another layer of emotion.

“Colors” is the third track from Signs of Light that the band has released, following “All We Ever Knew” and “Library Magic.” From the sound it of it so far, the band’s third album is going to be their best yet.

In a press release, Thielen said, “This album isn’t about us now having achieved our dreams. The day we started being able to live off our art was the day we achieved our dreams, in my mind. this is the album where we really fell into our true voices as those artists.”

Signs of Light will be out Sept. 9. Listen to “Colors” below, plus “All We Ever Knew” here.