Daily Dose: The Lone Bellow, “Time’s Always Leaving”

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Daily Dose: The Lone Bellow, “Time’s Always Leaving”

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Strange as it may be, The Lone Bellow sound, um, happy? The three main members—Zach Williams, Brian Elmquist and Kanine Pipkin—have all found the loves they seemed like they lost (or never had) on 2013’s self-titled debut. They all have kids now, and they all recently re-located from Brooklyn to Nashville. Whether by causation or correlation to these life changes, the country-folk trio has adjusted its sound that’s now fit for its new major label audience.

After about two and a half years since the band’s sophomore effort Then Came The Morning, The Lone Bellow returns with “Time’s Always Leaving.” Kicking off with a stomping rhythm and radio-ready riff, the tune offers a chastising personification of time—that cruel mistress who never takes off her coat when she comes or leaves a note when she leaves.

If “Time’s Always Leaving” is any indication, the trio built on singing together through pain has grown up to become the group who lived to tell the story of how they evaded death and overcame heartbreak. They’re the band that turned commiserating tragedy with each other into celebrating life with thousands of their friends and fans. And with those signature harmonies that cut right to the soul, The Lone Bellow could sing about anything and make it sound convincing.

The Lone Bellow’s third studio album, Walk Into A Storm, is due out September 15th via Descendant Records/Sony Music Masterworks. Listen to “Time’s Always Leaving” below.