The Lumineers' New Album Is Streaming Online for 24 Hours

Music News The Lumineers
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In February, The Lumineers announced that they would be releasing their sophomore album, Cleopatra, on Apr. 8. Obviously, that’s tomorrow. So that means they lied a little bit, because Cleopatra is streaming in its entirety on NoiseTrade all day today.

If you want to listen to the album, you’ll need to either sign in via Facebook or an email address to gain access. And don’t put in a long-dormant email address like one of our interns did, because NoiseTrade will actually send the album link to your email—it’s not just a mailing list signup.

Cleopatra, from where we sit, sounds very much like the band’s eponymous debut: full of jaunty guitar and percussion with uber-earnest lyrics atop the music. If you can’t listen today, again, the album will be widely available tomorrow. The Lumineers will go on tour starting next week. The Paste Cloud is also chock-full of Lumineers content, including our recordings of the band from SXSW. You can see a couple of those videos below.

The stream at NoiseTrade is here.