The Raconteurs Are Plotting a Tour for 2019

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The Raconteurs Are Plotting a Tour for 2019

The Raconteurs are gearing up to release their first new album in over a decade and now, it seems they’re officially planning to tour in support of it, as well.

First announced in October, paired with the hype of the band’s Consolers of The Lonely reissue, the currently unnamed 2019 release is still fairly mysterious. Photos surfaced on Instagram via Jack White’s Third Man Records, showing the band in a studio in Nashville later that month, slowly building up to the announcement of new music in December. Then, on Dec. 19, the band unleashed its first new music since 2008 out into the world—two singles, “Sunday Driver” and “Now That You’re Gone,” streaming and released on physical via a double A-side record.

That catches us up to yesterday, Dec. 30, when Brendan Benson tweeted his excitement regarding touring next year with the band.

While the band had previously confirmed a performance at Byron Bay Bluesfest in Australia next April, this is the first time they’ve addressed the prospect of a full-blown tour. Members White, Benson and Keeler did play a series of shows together in 2011, but the last full Raconteurs tour was in 2008—so, for fans who have waited a decade for the band’s reunion, it’s looking like 2019 is going to be quite the year.

Check out the two new singles below and, if you’re excited about the forthcoming album, find all the info we’ve compiled so far about next year’s release here.