Exclusive: View Photos from New Rolling Stones Photo Book, Brian Jones: Butterfly in the Park

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Exclusive: View Photos from New Rolling Stones Photo Book, <i>Brian Jones: Butterfly in the Park</i>

Photographer Michael Cooper was at the right place at the right time. Cooper photographed The Rolling Stones’ Their Satanic Majesties Request and The Beatles’ Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, and he took a whole host of photos of other leading rock musicians in the 1960s. He began as a fashion photographer for British Vogue and soon found himself intertwined in London’s art and music scene, taking photos of figures like Andy Warhol, Twiggy and Allen Ginsberg. However, Cooper’s largest body of work was his photographs of the Stones, and he became a trusted friend of the band. After Cooper’s death in 1973, he left his photographic legacy to his son Adam.

A new book of Cooper’s photos is being published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the passing of founding Stones guitarist Brian Jones. The book is titled Brian Jones: Butterfly in the Park, and it features over 12,000 words of text by contributors Donovan, Linda Lawrence, Prince Stash Klossowski de Rola, Andee Nathanson, Jones’ son Julian and grandson Joolz, Paul Trynka and Rolling Stones road manager Sam Cutler. It was edited by Dagon James, Adam Cooper and his wife Silvia Cooper, who carefully examined Cooper’s original 35 millimeter film, and curated images from the recording studio and beyond. The book also includes a never-before-published poem written by Brian Jones to his partner Linda Lawrence shortly before he passed away.

The book is only available on Kickstarter throughout the month of June, and they will ship out in October. It’s limited to 300 individually numbered, hardcover, slipcased copies, and all books are signed by various contributors including Donovan and Michael Cooper’s son Adam. Each book comes with at least one limited edition, numbered, Michael Cooper Estate stamped print. Brian Jones: Butterfly in the Park is printed on heavyweight paper utilizing a six color process including gold accents and varnish, and every book will have gold page edge gilding.

Purchase Brian Jones: Butterfly in the Park here.