Hear The Rolling Stones Tear Through Some Girls Hits in 1978

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Hear The Rolling Stones Tear Through <i>Some Girls</i> Hits in 1978

Last year, Some Girls, the 16th studio album released by The Rolling Stones in the U.S., turned 40. We just passed its anniversary, June 9, again, so what better time to revisit some of the album’s best songs?

By 1978, The Rolling Stones were firmly positioned as one of the biggest rock bands in the world. But Some Girls brought them even more hits and some of their most well-known songs, like “Beast of Burden” and “Miss You,” tunes that are still massively popular today.

This concert was taped on June 28, 1978, just a few weeks after Some Girls’ U.S. debut. In it, you can hear Mick Jagger destroying the harmonica, both him and Keith Richards on vocals throughout and scorching guitar. If you’re a Some Girls fan, you’ll certainly find companionship in this stand-up set. You’ll also hear “Shattered,” “When The Whip Comes Down” and the album’s title track.

The Stones recently kicked off their 2019 tour. Find all the dates here.

Listen to this 1978 Stones show below via the Paste vault.

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