The Weeknd's Starboy Influenced "A Thousand Percent" by Bowie & Prince

Music News The Weeknd
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He named his forthcoming album Starboy ... it seems so obvious now. The Weeknd just explained to The Wall Street Journal that the title’s a reference to David Bowie’s song “Starman,” calling Bowie “the ultimate inventor.” He said that the record is influenced by both Bowie and Prince “a thousand percent.”

Not only that, but Abel Tesfaye (that’s The Weeknd’s real name) had plans to collaborate with Prince before the artist’s untimely death on April 21. They’d even scheduled a session at Prince’s Paisley Park Studio.

So apparently we can expect Starboy to be a sort of Bowie/Prince/modern R&B blend? Tesfaye just gave himself a hell of a lot to live up to. But given the great reception that Starboy’s singles have been receiving, he can likely pull it off. Look out for Starboy when it’s released on Nov. 25.