Daily Dose: THUMPER, "In My Room"

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Daily Dose: THUMPER, "In My Room"

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Living comfortably as a hermit has never been easier than in 2019. You can have takeout or groceries delivered straight to your door, thousands of entertainment possibilities hover a mere click away and you can even stay in contact with your loved ones on the furthest side of the planet without leaving the comfort of your own bed.

While all of this sounds utterly tempting at times, Irish sextet THUMPER know that self-imposed isolation can easily cause one to descend into madness. Their latest single “In My Room,” premiering here at Paste, is a cathartic confession meditating on this subject, filled with heavy feedback and singer Oisin Leahy Furlong’s enthusiastic vocals. The video mostly consists of Leahy Furlong whispering or scream-singing evocative lines like, “There is an itch I scratch every night / A whole I hide behind my eyes / A bulbous mess of innocent evil,” and looking like a guy you’d bum a cigarette from in the smoking area. His bandmates, at first despondent in front of a flickering television, come to life in a hair-raising cacophony of guitars near the end as the frontman’s face looms over them Wizard of Oz-style.

“The song is about isolating yourself under the guise of independence, when really it’s an act of self-sabotage,” say THUMPER. “We shot the video in a warehouse in Dublin, keeping the band small in this big space, but eventually taking it over and owning it. There’s strength [in] numbers, get out of your room and talk to someone.”

THUMPER live up to their promise of “delivering bubblegum psych through a wall of sonic death,” as per a press release, making each doom-filled lyric incredibly catchy. Their noise-pop sounds like it could fuel jet engines as the band’s three guitarists and two drummers power through each chunky chord. “I always joke, ‘I’ve had a bad day, I’ll just add a guitarist to the line-up,’” Leahy Furlong told Hot Press in February.

Watch the video (dir. Stephen Patrick Allen) for “In My Room,” the final single from THUMPER’s forthcoming EP Out Of Body Auto-Message (produced by Girl Band’s Dan Fox), below. Further down, check out the single art for “In My Room,” along with THUMPER’s tour dates.

“In My Room” Single Art:


THUMPER Tour Dates:

18 – Dublin, Ireland @ Lost Lane
20 – Dundalk, Ireland @ Dysfunction Room
21 – Bray, Wicklow, Ireland @ Harbour Bar

10 – Trabolgan, Cork, Ireland @ It Takes A Village

01 – Killorglin, Kerry, Ireland @ K Fest
22 – Bundoran, Donegal, Ireland @ Sea Sessions
23 – Kilrush Upper, Westmeath, Ireland @ Body & Soul