Trixie Whitley: Live at the Paste Studio

Music Video Trixie Whitley
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Most become musicians in the hopes of one day visiting famed Electric Lady Studios, but for multi-instrumentalist Trixie Whitley the truth is the inverse. That’s because Trixie’s father is the late musican Chris Whitley who immersed his daughter in a world of music that would eventually become her livelihood.

Trixie Whitley may be best known as the singer of supergroup Black Dub, founded by Daniel Lanios who has worked with a list of nobody’s that includes Bob Dylan, U2 and Neil Young. Whitley has also been releasing music under her own name since 2008 and most recently with 2015’s Porta Bohemica, which melds rock and blues with a pop sheen.

Whitley has gone on record as saying genre lines can be confining and instead she prefers to follow in the footsteps of artists she says have changed the musical landscape such as David Bowie, Kate Bush, PJ Harvey and Grace Jones.

Whitley stopped by the Paste Studio to play three songs (“Hourglass,” “Soft Spoken Words” and “Closer”) all off of the new record.