Troubled Hubble

Making Beds In A Burning House (Eenie Meenie/Lookout!)

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Troubled Hubble

There’s brilliance beneath the surface of this Midwestern band’s latest

On the surface, Troubled Hubble has a lot going for it—

everything from spiky, tuneful power-pop arrangements to witty analysis of prescription drugs and marathon runners. But Making Beds In A Burning House also operates on a deeper and even more rewarding plane, as singer Chris Otepka strafes its outstanding songs with smashing epiphanies. For all the band’s wry wordplay, “I’m Pretty Sure I Can See Molecules” and “Even Marathon Runners Need To Nap” convey melancholy insight, while “Nancy” closes the disc with an inspirational anthem worthy of Ted Leo. “The Do The Build A House” provides more than just a laugh: It astutely analyzes the way edifices hide their occupants from fears, and—just for kicks—it threatens to launch a thinking-man’s dance craze.